About us

Lucía Guarnido Flamenco and Dance School arises for the purpose of transmitting the love, respect for the flamenco and other dances to anyone who approaches us, through quality teaching in every one of the dance styles that are offered.
Lucía Guarnido, General Director, after 14 years away from Granada, working in Seville and Madrid in companies and prestigious tablaos, returns to Granada to teach what she has learned over the years as a professional and to fund a school that meets two fundamental aims: to attend an audience that wants to learn to dance for and enjoy dancing, and also to address the needs of young people and children who want to engage in the dance in the future. We want to educate dancers and dancers of tomorrow and be able to offer a comprehensive education in

multiple disciplines, inculcating in them the love and respect for dance and a comprehensive training that is useful to them as professionals in the future.

Everyone is invited to learn at our school, we will adapt ourselves to your needs and we will attend to your claims.

For this purpose we have chosen the best teaching team, specialists in each type of dance style, and studios that are adapted to your needs; as well as pleasant, comfortable, spacious and in the Centre of Granada.

We are a school for everyone with a clear objective: make our students learning and to enjoying flamenco dance and any other dance style


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Lucía Guarnido

Profesora de flamenco y directoraSeguir leyendo

Anastasia Khnykina

Profesora de Hip Hop, Jazz, FunkSeguir leyendo

Patricia Ruiz

Profesora de pre-danza Seguir leyendo

Estefanía Martínez

Profesora de Flamenco Seguir leyendo

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Rosario Molina 

Profesora de ballet Seguir leyendo


Luis Mariano

Profesor de guitarra flamencaSeguir leyendo

Sergio Gómez

Profesor de cante flamencoSeguir leyendo

Miguel Cheyenne

Profesor de cajón flamenco y percusiónSeguir leyendo

Rosa Mari Herrador

Profesora de de danza contemporáneaSeguir leyendo

 Adriana Martínez

Profesor de ritmos latinos Seguir leyendo


Ana Vílchez

Profesora de pre-danzaSeguir leyendo