Classical Ballet or Classical Dance is a form of dance whose movements are based on total and absolute control of the body. It is recommended to begin studying this dance style at an early age, where already ballet is a discipline that requires concentration, the capacity of effort as an attitude and a life style.

Different from other dance forms, each step in ballet in codified. The hands, arms, trunk, head, feet, and knees participate invariably,…all of the body in a simultaneous conjunction of muscular and mental dynamics that must express a total harmony of movements.

Classical ballet is based on steps, positions and forms to lift the body that fundamentally originated in the 18th Century with the work of Jean-Georges Noverre.

Despite that the whole world shares the same base, there are regional variations and diverse schools, such as the methods of Agrippina Vagánova and Nicolai Legat (both Russian), and Enrico Cechetti (Italian).

Currently, ballet has diversified its technique and agility The technique is one of the first principle tools to form a dancer and provides a base for dance so the dancer is free and able to express what pleases her/him.