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Tango is a traditional musical genre of Argentina and Uruguay.

It’s a very personal and evocative/seductive dance that supports the rhythm, which is different than other musical styles that are based on the melody. Another singular feature is that, when dancing tango, while the legs draw figures on the floor, the torso marks a different movement.

One can add figures, but the main thing in order to be a good dancer is to “walk the tango.” Tango is a suave undulation with a steady rhythm and boldnessLearning to dance tango is pure trial and error and the steps are practiced in order to show an audience/the public. Their interpretation is carried out through a wide variety of instrumental formations, the most characteristic being the guitar quartet.,. a duet of guitar and bandonean (large accordian), a trio of bandonean, piano and double bass as well as a typical band or sextet.

Enrique Santos Discépolo, one of the greatest poets, defines the tango as “a sad thought that is danced.”

In 2009, Tango was approved for the List of Patrimonial Cultural Immaterial (PCI) of the Humanity for Unesco.