“Suma y Sigue” is a comprehensive and varied performance that demonstrates the richness offered by flamenco, the amount of feeling that it is capable of transmitting through its different “palos.”  For example through a Flamenco Lullaby, or a zapateado with guitar, a Cantiña, a soleá and also expressing a personal version of the copla La Bien Paga.  This variety and wealth give cohesion to the message that Lucía Guarnido wants to draw attention to. A message that many different women can form one woman, that women are versatile, and that women have the  ability to develop different roles in our society. You can see a mother who is also a career woman, lover, wife, mediator, etc. Each aspect of the woman will be represented in one of the “palos flamencos.
Suma y Sigue is an elegant yet personal flamenco show in which every detail is meticulously cared for by Lucia Guarnido. She uses her great sense of aesthetics in order to convey the depth, as well as, clarify the message of flamenco. 

“Suma y Sigue”  is an elegant and intimate flamenco show.  While paying close attention to detail, Lucia Guarnido, wants to convey her personal message using her great sense of aesthetics.
Suma y Sigue premiered in late 2011 at the Theater José Tamayo in Granada.
In April 2012 it  was performed at the Cultural Center Civivox Iturrama Pamplona, within the Flamenco Festival  organized by the University of  Navarra in which Lucía gave an illustrated lecture the year before.
In June 2012 she performed Suma y Sigue at Theater Calderon of the Barca of Motril (Granada) and in July 2012 at the Auditorium José Martin reminds of Salobreña (Granada).
Suma y Sigue has also been shown at the Municipal Theater of Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona) and later, in May 2013,is presented  again in Granada, at the theatre Isabel La Católica.

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“A mi Aire” is a flamenco show in which different “palos flamencos” are performed (seguiriya, bulería, caracoles, tangos y soleá por bulerías). A Flamenco Symphony and a voice will accompany us during the entire show. This flamenco will be pure, honest and authentic.  Each aspect of the show is performed by experts in their field.  Such that the inherent sincerity of flamenco is seen in song and dance and the storyline is portrayed without using any artifacts or complexities that could distort the authenticity of the flamenco show.  A message that should be valued and shown across the world to everyone.  There is nothing more simple and more complex than flamenco; It is something instinctive, essential, but at the same time original. Together with a team of musicians from Granada, and Andalucia, Lucía will pass this message on in her own way, at her own pace, “a mi aire.”  

“A mi aire” premiered on the 9th of July 2009 at the theatre José Tamayo de Granada in the programming of the FEX’09 (Extension of the International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada). After its premiere, this show has been represented on numerous occasions, as for instance at the Theater Calderón de la Barca, Motril (Granada, 2010), flamenco Festival Tío Luis de la Juliana, University College Isabel of Spain (Madrid, 2010), Auditorium José Martín Recuerda, Salobreña (Granada, 2010), BELEF Festival in Teatro Kolarac, Belgrade (Serbia, 2010) the summers of the Corral, Corral del Carbón (Granada, 2010), Iberian festival, Brno, Prague and Boskoviche (Czech Republic, 2010), Municipal Theatre of Tunisia (Tunisia, 2010), Flamenco Festival has name of woman, La Zubia (Granada, 2011).

*If you want to hire this show and need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with what you need.